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Fifteen years ago, Talia Medici was infamous for her beauty and picture perfect life. Every girl wanted to be Talia and every guy wanted to be with Talia. Respect, popularity, admiration, and powerful positions such as Cheerleading Squad Captain came with the territory.

When Talia speaks, everyone listens. Everything she says will cause great impact within and outside of her inner circle of friends.


She is loved by many, envied, admired and idolized by all, except one- Elle Wurthmore.


All that Elle ever wanted was to be in the cheerleading squad and a part of Talia's entourage. A scar across Elle’s face would deny her that chance. She became, instead, the laughing stock of the group- the very subject for all ridicule.


She would no longer be known as Elle Wurthmore.

They gave her a new name. “Worthless”.


The very next day, Elle was never to be heard from again.


Fifteen years later, karma would finally track down Talia and redeem the meaning of “Worthless”. With no way to escape, Talia must experience the unthinkable- a terrifying nightmare she could have never imagined, in memory of Elle Wurthmore. 



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